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"Dear Boni, I have had very positive feedback from nearly everyone about the brochure. Thank you."
- Professor Simon Deakin, Cambridge University.

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"Just managed to listen to it all the way through - it is really excellent! Thank you."
- Katharine Price, Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, Cambridge University.

"Dear Boni, from what I read, I think you have done a grand job of our new report fom a hodge podge, mish mash or what ever you like to call it.cThank you."
- Diane Cook, the CLAHRC Cambs and Peterborough.

How to make good video content

New 12 page guide with 20 Q&As on improving the video content on your website, 'How to make good video content' is hot off the press! Contact us for your copy.

"I can recommend this guide as a must for those who commission video content." - Sue Thompson, Cambridge Assessment ESOL Video Unit.

ECS CamCasting

Cambridge University

Boni Sones OBE works freelance for a number of different Cambridge University Departments in the field of business, finance, economics, science, innovation and technology, conducting regular podcast interviews and making audio documentaries from conferences for clients websites. Her expertise in this field is respected and recent testimonials include:

"Dear Boni,
I was sent the edited podcast a few weeks ago for review. I just wanted to let you know that I think you did a very good job. It was a pleasure working with you.

Best regards,
- Kuemmerle Research Group, Ltd. Boston

"Dear Boni,
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with you after my talk ... so much so, in fact, that I felt compelled to look you up. I'm not sure what it was but you managed to put me immediately at ease and, from my perspective, brought out the best in my research and passion for the subject through your questioning. I think that is the hallmark of an exceptional interviewer, Boni. Thank you so much.

With warm wishes,
Talia Isaacs"
- University of Bristol

"Dear Boni,
Will is happy for it to be published but also said that it was "embarrassing to realise on listening how vastly superior your diction is to mine!"

Sarah also approved hers and said "Thank you for doing such a professional job; our Head of Communications was so impressed that she has threatened to use me for other media interviews!"

Thought you'd like to know :)

- Cambridge Service Alliance, IFM

For the Cambridge Judge Business School:

Boni has interviewed heads of industry, global CEOs, former Prime Ministers, and world leaders in the arts too. This takes considerable expertise, intellect and skill.

Arnoud De Meyer, Director of Judge Business School and Professor of Management Studies said: "Our podcasts are better than Radio 4, I listen to them all".

Kevin Roberts CEO Worldwide of Saatchi and Saatchi, said: "It's the best interview I've done".

Guest speaker interview podcasts include: Maurice Levy, head of Publicis, owners of Saatchi & Saatchi; Kevin Roberts CEO Worldwide of Saatchi and Saatchi; Theodore Kyriakou the CEO and Vice Chairman of Antenna Group SA; Senator Yves Leterme, Former Prime Minister of Belguim; Nicholas Serota, Director of the Tate; Dr Hermann Hauser, Amadeus Capital Partners; Dr Michael Lynch OBE, Autonomy; James P. Leape, WWF International; Dame Patricia Hodgson, BBC Trust; Dr Patrick Byrne,; Lord Dennis Stevenson, Steve Street IBM, General Hayden former Head of the CIA, Sir Leon Brittan on China, Professor Alain Verbeke was the guest speaker at the 2009 CIBAM Distinguished Lecture, Kola Karim - CEO & Managing Director, Shoreline Power Company Limited, John Griffith-Jones - Chairman, KPMG EMA, Charles Kane, President One Laptop Per Child, Robert Prechter, "The Socionomic Theory of Finance", Professor Lynda Gratton, LBS "Managing Virtual Teams".

You can listen to Boni's interview with Maurice Levy, Charles Kane, General Hayden, Professor Lynda Gratton and Robert Prechter here:

Maurice Levy »

Charles Kane »

General Hayden »

Professor Lynda Gratton »

Robert Prechter »

Podcast documentaries:

Boni has also produced 14 "File on Four" Radio 4 type analysis documentary podcasts on issues such as: the global recession; green business; the rise of India and China; women in business; The rise of the BRIC economies; innovation and university industry collaboration x 3 for the UKRIC, The future of water resources in Africa and global warming, Silicon Valley comes to Cambridge.

Professors interviewed for podcasts:

Professor Peter Guthrie; Professor Martin Kilduff; Professor Stefan Scholtes; Professor Dame Sandra Dawson; Professor Arnoud De Meyer; Professor Jaideep Prabhu; Professor Peter Williamson; Professor Alan Hughes.

Other academic podcast:

Dr David Chambers; Dr Jonathan Trevor; Drs Eden Yin & Omar Merlo; Dr Matthias Holweg; Dr Helen Haugh; Dr Mark de Rond; Dr Shai Vyakarnam; Dr David Reiner; Dr Philip Stiles; Dr Mark Thompson; Dr Michael Pollitt; Dr Paul Kattuman; Dr Matthias Holweg; Dr Kamal Munir; Mr Nick Butler; Dr Pierre Noël; Dr Chris Hope; Dr Stephen Peake; Dr Christos Pitelis; Dr William Nuttall; Dr Chander Velu; Mr Michael Kitson.

Get Well UK

Paul Goggins MP, the Minister of State for Northern Ireland, has been at the forefront of pioneering complementary medicine on the NHS. In his previous role as Health Minister for Northern Ireland, he announced a new £200,000 fund to pilot the integration of complementary medicine into the NHS. He said that these therapies should be made available to all people, not just people who can afford to pay privately. The pilot project is being operated by Get Well UK and will aim to treat 700 patients initially. Boni Sones, went to Ulster to speak to four patients and their health practitioners to find out how the Get Well UK programme was improving their health.

or download the MP3 file (file size: 15.0MB)

Visit the Get Well UK website

Cambridge University
"Neuroscience and Society"
Horizon Conference - October 2006.

Over many years Cambridge University has played a leading role in developing across academic disciplines new approaches to the treatment of disease through the research it has conducted in the field of neuroscience. This multi-disciplinarian approach has won it international accolades. More recently neuroscience has become an integral part of the new scientific disciplines such as psychology and psychiatry and now it has just been announced the University is to set up a chair in neuroeconomics. To celebrate and disseminate more information about how neuroscience is now cutting across many more areas of academic study and the contribution it is making to the well being of the nation Cambridge held a one-day Horizon conference on "Neuroscience and Society". Boni Sones talked to some of the distinguished scientists who spoke at the conference.

or download the MP3 file (file size: 26.7MB)

Visit the Neuroscience conference website

The work of the Science Council

Every day we read about how science is governing our lives. There are headlines about global warming and the future of the planet, how unequal the world's health problems are particularly in countries like HIV and Aids stricken Africa, and how as a nation we are becoming more and more obese. Society needs scientists to help find solutions to these complex problems, so what does a career in science offer to young people and how can we ensure a respect for those who practice in their respective scientific professions?

or download the MP3 file (file size: 33.7MB)

Visit the Science Council website

Cambridge University Intellectual Property Rights Business Breakfast – October 2006

Cambridge University has adopted an open door policy to tell business leaders and major sponsors how it intends to operate its policy on Intellectual Property rights. During the early autumn it hosted three seminars in Cambridge and London in order to take its mission to explain the new IP policy to those small, medium and large business leaders and sponsors who might work in partnership with the University on research in the future. Journalist Boni Sones attended one London event.

or download the MP3 file (file size: 14MB)

Visit the Cambridge University website

ECS CamCasting covered ACEVO's international conference and provided an analytical report.

Boni Sones interviewed key speakers and produced the following audio presentation of key moments in the conference. "While more and more people appear to be opting out of traditional political activity there has undoubtedly been a rise in the numbers of people engaging in so called single issue" campaigns. All over the world charities and the voluntary sector are working as a catalyst for change. In the United Kingdom the Global third sector has never been more prominent.

or download the MP3 file (file size: 26.7MB)

Visit the ACEVO website

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is a new technique of marketing online which is revolutionising the way that companies and individuals publicise themselves. Visitors to a website that contains podcasts are able to read about the subject of the site, and then click to download a sound file, allowing them to listen to speech on the subject.

Boni Sones OBE
Commentary on all CamCasting audio is by Boni Sones OBE unless otherwise indicated.

How can podcasting help my organisation?

Podcasting meets a growing expectation that websites will contain sound (and sometimes video) as well as text. This is a resource not only for the discerning web-browser, but also for the visually impaired. It also provides the beginnings of a personal relationship between an organisation and their clients long before this would otherwise be possible.

Podcasting provides a unique opportunity for individuals, institutions and companies wishing to market themselves and their work. The academic world is increasingly accessed via the internet, and podcasting takes advantage of the growth of websites as a marketing tool. By placing short clips or soundbites online, ECS provides an immediate form of contact between you and your potential clients.

Effective Communication Strategies (ECS) is the company founded by BBC Broadcaster Boni Sones.

Using sophisticated equipment and very experienced interviewers and technicians, we ensure that our podcasting production and integration service is of the highest quality.

If you think audio or video podcasting could enhance your website, please email us to discuss your requirements.

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